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  • Understanding the Density Spectrum of Powder Coatings
    Powder coatings are a versatile and durable finishing option for a wide range of applications, from automotive parts to household appliances. The density of these coatings is a critical factor that influences their performance and application. Here's a comprehensive guide to the density of powder co Read More
  • Innovative Powder Coating Additives Enhancing Surface Aesthetics and Performance
    1. Sand Texture Enhancers: Elevating Interior and Exterior Surfaces - Application: Interior wall decoration, Exterior paint, Furniture and Upholstery - Features: Modified PTTE formulation for enhanced physical separation and uniformity - Benefits: High extrusion efficiency, minimal equipment w Read More
  • Classification of additives for powder coating paint
    Additives play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of powder coatings in various aspects such as production, application, and film properties. Despite being added in smaller quantities compared to resins, curing agents, and pigments, additives have a significant impact on the overall perform Read More
  • Safety Precautions for Using Powder Coatings
    Ensure that the storage temperature remains below 24℃ in a cool, dry environment.Keep powder coatings away from fire sources, direct sunlight, and ensure adequate ventilation.After use, always cover or tightly seal the bag of conductive powder coating to prevent contamination.Ground all painting equ Read More
  • Exploring the Marine Coatings
    Understanding Marine CoatingsMarine coatings refer to specialized coatings used on ships’ surfaces. Apart from the typical functions of regular paints such as aesthetics and protection, marine paints boast unique features like anti-corrosion properties, waterproofing capabilities, and enhanced hull Read More
  • Feihong will participate in the Middle East Coatings Show Dubai 2024
    We are thrilled to announce that Feihong will be participating in the Middle East Coatings Show Dubai 2024, scheduled to take place from April 16th to 18th 2024. You can find us at booth Z6A01 DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTER. As a leading manufacturer and exporter of powder coatings, as well as polyester r Read More
  • Choosing the Right Powder Coatings for Lighting Fixtures
    When it comes to selecting powder coatings for lighting fixtures, the decision primarily hinges on the intended environment and purpose of use. It’s essential to ensure that the chosen coatings offer excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance to safeguard the fixtures ag Read More
  • Tips for Selecting the Ideal Powder Coating Service Provider
    When faced with a project requiring powder coating, selecting the right service provider is crucial, taking into account the project's size and budget. Below are some recommendations provided by Jinhu Color Powder Coating:1. Define Your Requirements: Start by identifying your needs, including color Read More
  • Understanding the Diverse Applications of Fluorocarbon Paints
    Fluorocarbon paint encompasses three primary types: Fluorocarbon resin paint (PEVE), Polyvinylidene fluoride fluorocarbon paint (PVDF), and Polytetrafluoroethylene fluorocarbon paint (PTFE). Each type serves distinct purposes across various industries.1. Fluorocarbon Resin Coating (PEVE):PEVE fluoro Read More
  • Nylon powder coating
    Polyamide resin, commonly known as nylon, is a widely used thermoplastic resin. Polyamide resin has good comprehensive properties, high hardness, especially outstanding wear resistance. Its coating film has small static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient, has lubrication ability, Read More
  • Different Types and Uses of Fire Retardant Coatings
    Fire retardant coatings play a crucial role in preventing the spread of fire by possessing characteristics like flame resistance, fireproofing, and high-temperature durability. These coatings come in various types to cater to different applications and fire protection needs.1. Fireproof Coatings for Read More
  • Overview of Water-Based Coatings and Their Advantages
    Water-based coatings have revolutionized the paint industry with their unparalleled environmental performance. They come in various types, each offering distinct advantages:1. Water-Soluble Paint: Featuring water-soluble resins, this type forms a protective film layer upon application, marking a sig Read More
  • Powder Coating: Construction and Preservation
    Construction Guidelines1. General Requirements for Powder Spraying Construction(1) To fully utilize the benefits of powder coatings and extend the lifespan of the coating film, it is crucial to perform thorough surface pretreatment on damaged coatings.(2) During spraying, ensure that the object bein Read More
  • Multi-layer Powder Coating: Tips for Application and Considerations
    Introduction:Powder coating is widely used for its durability and cost-effectiveness. Sometimes, applying multiple layers becomes necessary for better protection and aesthetics. This article explores when to use multi-layer powder coating, key considerations, and best practices for achieving optimal Read More
  • Comparing Powder Coating and Electrophoretic Painting for Industrial Metal Surface Treatment
    In the realm of industrial metal surface treatment, powder coating and electrophoretic painting stand as two closely related processes. Despite their shared objective of enhancing metal surfaces, these methods differ in application techniques, performance, and environmental impact. This article pres Read More
  • Reflecting on Our Success: A Year of Expansion, Appreciation, and Collaboration
    As we approach the Chinese New Year, we, as a leading manufacturer and exporter of powder coatings, want to take this moment to look back on the impressive achievements we accomplished in 2023. It was a year marked by significant growth, steadfast support from our valued distributors, retailers, and Read More
  • Powder coatings play a crucial role in the rail transit industry, offering various benefits and applications
    Enhancing Equipment Performance and Longevity: Powder coatings provide exceptional anti-corrosion, weather resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, and insulation properties for components such as car bodies, wheels, bogies, motors, and batteries, safeguarding them from environmental factors Read More
  • A Comprehensive Comparison: Powder Coating vs Galvanizing for Industrial Applications
    In the industrial sector, surface treatment methods like powder coating and galvanizing are widely used for their unique advantages. This article provides a comprehensive comparison of these techniques, considering cost-effectiveness, durability, environmental friendliness, and more.Cost-Effectivene Read More
  • Essential Considerations for Powder Coating Various Metal Surfaces
    Powder coating serves as a widely embraced technique for safeguarding and enhancing the visual appeal of metal surfaces. While its application extends to an array of metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and steel, it demands specific considerations during the coating process. This article endeavor Read More
  • Maintaining Powder Coating Surfaces: Helpful Maintenance Tips and Techniques
    Powder coating is a widely favored surface finish that provides an appealing, resilient, and protective layer for various materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. Nonetheless, like any other coating, powder coating also requires proper maintenance to prevent deterioration over time. Th Read More
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