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General Industry

Jinhu’s powder coating be used in general industry. One of our largest market, comprises lighting for interior and exterior , energy, packaging, healthcare, public transportation and others, such as garden equipment, tools, signature,door, window, aluminium profile,public transportation, energy, packaging, public facilities, elevators, logistics, etc.

Home Appliances

Powder coating widely used in all kinds of home appliance surface, making home appliances have attractive colors and surface effects.


Powder coating used for car body painting, decorative parts painting, wheel hub painting, chassis and engine block painting, two-wheel and tricycle painting.

Architecture Construction

Powder coating be used in various fields of the construction industry, outdoor powder is recommended.


Powder coating make furniture with individuation, bold thinking and elegant cool designs fill in our life. It can be used in window, door , racking cabinet

Heat System

Powder coating be used in gas cylinders, air conditions, aluminium radiators, cast iron radiators, stainless steel heated towel rails ,steel radiators.

Lighting System

Agricultural and Industrial Machinery

Agricultural and industrial machinery powder coating need high-quality coating, excellent weather resistance, excellent color and gloss, super corrosion resistance.