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White Color Ral9003/Ral9010 Fine Texture Powder Coating for Home Appliance

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a new type of 100% solid powder coating which does not contain solvents. With no solvent, no pollution, energy and resources saving, recycling, environmental protection, higher performance, low health risk to workforce, economical advantages etc.
Most powder coating is used by electrostatic spraying on metal surface, and then cure in oven, eventually form a solid layer.

Categories and Performances of Powder Coatings

♦Epoxy resin powder coating: Mainly used indoor, offer the best corrosion protection

♦Polyester resin powder coating: Mainly used outdoor, offer the highest exterior stability and performance

♦Epoxy Polyester Hybrid powder coating: could be used indoor or outdoor, offer the best corrosion and weather resistance
Product Description


Electrical Household Appliances Aerospace Area
Automotive Electronics Fitness Equipment
Track Traffic Medical Devices
Petroleum Pipes, Valve Tools & Hardware
LED Lights, Outdoor Lamps Radiator & Heat Sink
Glass Decoration External Facilities

Product Specification

Test Item Test Method Test Result
Film Thickness ISO2360 60-80um
Pencil Hardness ASTMD 3363 H-2H
Bending ISO1519 ≤10mm
Grid Test 1mm ISO2409 0 CLASS
Impulse Test ASTMD2794 Pass
Cupping Test ISO1520 ≥8mm
Heat Resistance 1000 hours ISO6270-1 Popping<1mm
Salt Spray 1000 hours ISO9227 Corrosion Spreading<1mm

RAL9003 Smooth MattRAL9016 Smooth MattWhite Sand Effect