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Thermoplastic Dipping Polyester Green/Black Color Powder Coatings for Galvanized Steel Fencing

Thermoplastic powder coating LDPE powder Dipping powder

LDPE powder coating/Dip powder coating Application:
Highway fence
Rail Fence

Anticorrosion pipeline
Road fences
Refrigerator shelf network
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  • Feihong

Product Description

  Thermoplastic PE powder use Low Density Polyethylene as the basic material, modified by various 

functional additives, and colored by different pigments according to the final needs. The cured membrane it

forms on the surface of metal works has excellent flexibility and impact strength, simutaneously

provides outstanding resistance to chemical, aging, and weather, along with attractive decorative

finish, a good grip and warm feel.

LDPE powder coating/Dip powder coating Specification



Test Result








Same by visual


Specific gravity



Average particle size

220-280 um


vicat softening point(℃)




Bending(Film Thickness200μm)




Electrical strength Kv/mm




Low temperature resistance


-35℃,60h no cracking


Chemical resistance


5%HCI soak 7d


The appearance of coating has no change




The appearance of coating has no change


5%NaCI soak7d(GB/T1763)

The appearance of coating has no change


Dip powder coating advantage:

Dip dumbbell hair piece is placed in polyethylene powder dip until the shell is completely wrapped dumbbell hair pieces are generally used polyethylene powder. Of course, useful PE dip solution. (PVC is polyvinyl chloride, PE is polyethylene, the only difference between the two is that chlorine is not used to wrap pvc food, but PE can. Cheaper and PVC.) 

Dip dumbbell usually do not fade, another phenomenon Diaoqi on Dip is absolutely none. After the dip plastic adhesion well, not a piece of falling Dip dumbbell generally less than 5 kilograms, so most of the ladies dumbbells or a yoga dumbbells, dumbbell Dip thus appear to be more fancy looking, can also be used the pipe can, dip powder is also convenient to use, not easy to fall off, health and safety.

Company Information

We offer powder coating capabilities that include a wide spectrum of colors, thickness, textures, softness, edge coverage, flexibilities, machinabilities, smoothness and temperature ranges. Free samples are available.

Feihong powder coating

Asian Pacific coatings show


Thermoplastic Powder

Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?

A1: We are a factory manufacturing products for over 28 years in Jinhu, China.

Q2: Why should I use powder coatings?

A2: There are some advantages of powder coatings. For example, they are harmless to humans. In addition, they also have resource efficiency and reduction of environmental pollution. After being coating, it forms a lasting film to protect the surface of the items.

Q3: Why should I buy from you not from other suppliers?

A3: We have a professional group of R&D. According to our clients’ preference, we can adjust the formula to change the color, luster, appearance, and even metal texture and special patterns. Besides, we offer complete services before and after your purchasing, including color proofing, technical analysis, application recommendations, and after-sales services.

Q4: How about the delivery date?

A4: The delivery date will be within 15 days.

Q5: Can you offer the sample of my ideal color?

A5: Yes, we are pleasure to do. Please contact us to get the information. Besides, we can provide some color cards you have ordered in the delivery.

Q6: If there is no my ideal color, what can you offer me?

A6: We have the color proofing service, if any demands, feel free to contact us.

◎If any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to respond