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Ral 5007/5015 Blue sandy Epoxy polyester powder coating paint Pintura en polvo

This series of products are mainly made of epoxy resin and polyester resin.

For they have the double advantage of epoxy and polyester , it has the good levelling property, ornamental, mechanical property and superior corrosion resistance, and be widely used in many fields
  • Ral 5007/5015 blue sandy


Product Description

      Colors : RAL5007/5015/5005

  1. Surface:  Sandy/Wrinkle texture

  2. Gloss: Matt

  3. Chemistry : Epoxy Polyester, Polyester or Polyurethane

  4. Use :Indoor or outdoor use


  1. highly decorative ripple-pattern finishes

  2. available in any of powder chemistry types e.g. epoxy, polyester , epoxy polyester and polyurethane .

  3. High ability to hide substrate defects.


  1. Applied by electrostatic spraying gun that can provide negative tension of 60-80 kV.

  2. Curing schedule : 180-200ºC /10-15 minutes depending on the powder chemistry.

  3. Optimal film thickness : 80 -110 um

  4. The size of wrinkle pattern obtained depends on the coating thickness.

  5. Excessively thin or thick films will not give a satisfactory finish.

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quality assurance


Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?

A1: We are a factory manufacturing products for over 28 years in Jinhu, China.

Q2: Why should I use powder coatings?

A2: There are some advantages of powder coatings. For example, they are harmless to humans. In addition, they also have resource efficiency and reduction of environmental pollution. After being coating, it forms a lasting film to protect the surface of the items.

Q3: Why should I buy from you not from other suppliers?

A3: We have a professional group of R&D. According to our clients' preference, we can adjust the formula to change the color, luster, appearance, and even metal texture and special patterns. Besides, we offer complete services before and after your purchasing, including color proofing, technical analysis, application recommendations, and after-sales services.

Q4: How about the delivery date?

A4: The delivery date will be within 15 days.

Q5: Can you offer the sample of my ideal color?

A5: Yes, we are pleasure to do. Please contact us to get the information. Besides, we can provide some color cards you have ordered in the delivery.

Q6: If there is no my ideal color, what can you offer me?

A6: We have the color proofing service, if any demands, feel free to contact us.

If any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to respond

Contact Information:

Ms. Susie Xie

Tel: 86 25 83313610   Mob/Whatsapp/Wechat: 86 17751006340