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RAL 3020 fine texture wrinkle powder coating

RAL 3020 fine texture wrinkle powder coating

Electrostatic Spray Powder Coating
Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating
Hybrid Powder Coating
Ral Color Powder Coating
Powder Coating
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  • Epoxy Polyester powder coating


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Product Description

RAL 3020 fine texture wrinkle powder coating

Contact Information:

Ms. Danae Ren | Sales Manager

Jinhu Color Powder Coating Co., Ltd.

Room 3-3102| No.56 Lingzhi Road| Xinghe World| Nanjing 210028 | China

Tel: 86 17768114656| Mob/Wechat/Whatsapp: 86 13952057195

Email: sales06(@)colorpowdercoating.com

Powder Coating Description:

Hybrid powder coating is a thermosetting powder coating based on epoxy polyester resin with excellent smooth glossy and good flow-out finishes. Its outstanding overbake yellowing resistance and mechanical properties make it a wide range of indoor applications,e.g.domestic appliances, home and office furniture, racking system,machinery, ceiling panels,fan,cabinet, switchboards etc.

Gloss and Color Range

5%-99% and above depending on the end requirement .

Full color range isavailable.

Epoxy Polyester Hybrid Powder Coating and Pure Polyester Powder Coating Function:

· Racking industry: storage rack,supermarket rack,pallet rack,racking system etc

· Metal furniture: Steel furniture, documents cabinets etc.

· Aluminium extrusion: Aluminium extrusion,Aluminium profile,Aluminium products etc

· Gas sylinder:Gas cylinder,gas tank etc

· Electrical industry: Electric cabinet, Electric panel etc

.Metal door:Iron door,steel door,security door,rolling shutter door

Powder Coating gloss,appearance finish and curing:

· Defferent types of art textures, such as sandy, wrinkle, fine texture, hammer tone, metallic effect,wood effect etc.


Specific gravity: 1.2-1.5g/cm3 (varied with different color and gloss)

Particle size: average 10~38um, proportion 10~84um > 90%, it can be adjusted if special requirement is put forward to us in advance.


Applied by : Electrostatic spraying devices

Curing schedule :15 minutes at 180℃ (metal temperature ) or by customer’s requirement.

Optimal film thickness :

60 - 90 um for smooth powder coating

70-100um for sand texture powder coating

150um-350um for hammer texture powder coating

Pre treatment:

The overall quality of the coating system is largely dependent on the type and quality of the pre treatment. The recommended types of pre treatment for the most frequently used substrates are:


Chromate   conversion


Zinc phosphate

Zinc coated steel

Zinc phosphate or   chromate conversion

Average Coating Rate:

A. Smooth Surface:

6-12/KG, film thickness 60μm (calculated according to 100 consuming of powder coating)

B. Texture Surface:5-7/KG,film thickness is about 80-120μm

Film Performance:

Test Item

Test standard   and Method

Test index

Impact resistance

GB/T 1732 -1993




GB/T 9286 - 1998


Class 0


GB/T 6742-1986



Pencil hardness

GB/T 6739-1996



Cupping test

GB/T 9753-1988



Salt spray   resistance

GB/T 1771-1991


>500 Hours

Heat &   humidity resistance

GB/T 1740-1979


>500   Hours,film gloss slightly lose

Note: 1. Above   test are using 0.30mm thickness degreased, rust removed cold rolling steel   plate, film thickness is 60-80um.

2. Film   performance may slightly decrease with gloss decrease.


packing photo

Storage and Shipment of the powder coating:

Store in ventilated, dry and clean room with temperature below 25℃, Keep it away from fire, heat,and direct sunlight. Outdoor stacking is prohibited. Avoid rains and exposure to sunshine during shipment.

Health and Safety of the powder coating:

The bulk powder paint is no hazardous ingredients contained. Wearing anti-dust mask and goggles to avoid inhalation of dust. Try best to avoid longtime contact with powder. The coating adhesive to the skin can be washed with soap.


1.    Where is your company?

Our office is located in City Nanjing, Province Jiangsu, China. and our factory is located in City Huai’an, Province Jiangsu China.

2.    Trading company or manufacturer?

We are directly powder coating manufacturer in China for 30 years.

3.    What kinds of products do you have?

We are experts in the production of thermosetting powder coatings, producing powder coatings of various colors and textures.

4.    Powder Coating Price:

Price depends on the color, texture and application (Indoor use or outdoor use). Also the price is negotiable. It can be changed according to your quantity. When you are making an inquiry, please let us know the quantity you want.

5.    Sample:

1kg powder coating sample is available for each color for your testing. Sample is free, we would highly appreciate it if you pay for the air freight.

6.    MOQ:

Each color ≥ 200 kg.

7.    Warranty:

We are very confident in our products, and we pack them well, so usually you will receive your order in good condition. Any quality issues, we will deal with it immediately.

联系我-Danae Ren