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Powder coating construction technology and precautions

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Construction technology

1. Smooth surface: For coated objects with large surface defects, conductive putty should be applied to ensure the smoothness and smoothness of the coating.

2. Pre-treatment: The surface of the workpiece to be coated must first be strictly pre-treated, so that the characteristics of powder coating can be fully utilized and the service life of the coating film can be extended.

3. Maintain an electrostatic environment: During the spraying process, the object to be coated must be completely grounded. Check whether the power supply of the spraying system meets the requirements, and whether all equipment and hanger nodes are well grounded to increase the spraying efficiency of powder coating.

4. Check before spraying: Check whether there are foreign objects around the spraying equipment, and whether the seals of various parts of the equipment are in contact. Check the cleanliness of the compressed air passing into the spraying system, whether it is absolutely oil-free, water-free, and the pressure is stable. Turn on the power of the spraying system, first start the recovery fan, and only when the fan is running normally, can other system operations be performed (it is forbidden to operate the spray gun system when the fan is not turned on).

5. Proper curing: After spraying, the objects need to be heated and cured. The curing conditions are subject to the technical indicators of powder products, but the curing temperature and time must be fully guaranteed to avoid quality accidents caused by insufficient curing.

6. Check after spraying: check the powdering status immediately after spraying

7. Utilization of recycled powder: After the recycled powder has been screened to remove impurities, it can be mixed with new powder in a certain proportion.

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1. Powder inspection: Powder coatings are originally powdery, so it is necessary to keep the powder of the coating from solidification and agglomeration when spraying. This requires attention to inspection before spraying to ensure that the coating is stored in a cool and dry place. In an environment where there is no water, oil and other organic solutions in the storage area, so as not to mix the powder coating with these solutions.

2. Powder status: In the powder box, the powder fluidization should flow like water; add new powder regularly, check the powder regularly (control the proportion of ultra-fine powder); match the powder feeding gas and powder mixing gas accurately; In the powder hose bracket (tank chain), check the curvature of the powder hose.

3. Protective measures: powder coatings are in the state of 100% solid powder, not only need to take protective measures for the spraying environment, but also require the construction personnel to take their own protective measures, wear protective clothing, and avoid prolonged skin contact with the paint. Be careful to be stained with paint powder, it needs to be washed with soapy water, and other organic solvents cannot be used to clean it.

4. Environmental requirements: The construction of powder coatings has high requirements for the spraying environment. Generally, construction needs to be carried out in a well-ventilated environment. This is because powder coatings use powder spraying equipment to spray powdered coatings on the surface of objects. The temperature is lower than 35°C, and the relative humidity is lower than 85%; the surface temperature of the workpiece: lower than 50°C. In addition to these, it is also necessary to keep the construction environment free from open flames and direct sunlight.

5. Equipment requirements: There is a dust tray under the suspension chain to prevent dust and impurities from falling. Dry, clean compressed air (no oil, no water), check the cold dryer and filter regularly.

6. Color change: The powder spraying room, powder supply barrel and recovery system should avoid the pollution of other powders of different colors, so it must be cleaned every time the color is changed. Frequent color changes and rapid color changes require multiple spray booths. Most of the equipment provides free-cleaning and spraying polyethylene sheets to cushion the wall, and the color change is just to replace the sheets. Most of the cyclone dust collectors are self-cleaning, with less workload.