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High Gloss Powder Coating with Corrosion Resistance Property

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High Gloss Powder Coating with Corrosion Resistance Property

1.General introduction:

  Powder coatings are mixed with a certain proportion of the resin, fillers, curing agents and other additives, then prepared by hot extrusion ,crushed  and sieved.The products are stable at room temperature storage, then baking heat melted and solidified to form a smooth and bright permanent coating to achieve the purpose of decoration and corrosion.
1).The products are non-toxic, solvent-free and non-toxic volatile substances,
there are no intoxication, no fire, no "three wastes" emissions and other pollution problems, in full compliance with national environmental laws. 
2).Raw material utilization is high, the highest utilization rate even more than
3).After being pre-coated handle, disposable construction, without primer,
you can get a sufficient thickness of the coating, easy to automate operation, high production efficiency, reduce costs. 
4).Dense coating adhesion, good impact strength and toughness, high
coverage corners, with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and electrical insulation properties. 
5).Powder coatings storage and transport are safety and convenience.
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Product Description

High gloss powder coating