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Green Color Ral6005/Ral6029 Polyester Powder Coating for Fence

We offer a full range of polyester powder coatings suitable for outdoor applications such as architectural metalwork, signage, street furniture and other applications that require light and weather resistance.

Typical applications include:
Shop Signs
Gates & Railings
Motorbike Wheels
Security Grills
Garden Tables & Chairs
Outdoor Applications

Metallic's: Most coatings are available in a variety of metallic finishes. A range of metallic epoxy-polyester powder coating finishes although we can cater for most requirements.

Hammer Finishes: A full range of commercial hammer finishes can be offered. Hammer finishes offer an attractive coating which are also ideal for hiding blemishes on the original surface.

Textures: Leatherette and and fine textures are most commercially available textures as required.

Gloss Levels: Most colours are available in a range of gloss levels. We typically cater for matt, satin and full gloss finishes.

Lacquer: Clear lacquers are also available as a protective over coat where required.

Specific Applications: A range of application specific premium polyester powder coatings, some of which are detailed below:

Antibacterial Coatings: Specialist outdoor antibacterial polyester powder coatings. This antibacterial polyester powder coating can reduce bacterial population by 90% as tested on bacteria such as Listeria, E-Coli, Salmonella and Legionella whilst maintaining all of the characteristics of a regular polyester powder coating.

Furniture Coatings: Specialist exterior metal furniture powder coatings from a range of suppliers including the Interpon F1500 system which offers excellent scratch and mar resistance combined with weather & light resistance on a variety of substrates.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings: Specialist outdoor anti-grafitti powder coatings and finds applications in a range of areas where standard coatings fail to meet anti-stain criteria. The tested film properties demonstrate no staining magic markers 24 hours from application.
  • Ral6005/Ral6029


Product Description
Testing items Standards and methods Inspecting index
Impact strength GB/T1732-1993, AS3715 2.8 >50kg/cm
Bending resistance GB/T1185-88, AS1580 402.1, ISO9227 Pass 2-5 millimeters
Adhesion CHECKED TEST GB/T9286-88,2mm Cross cut, ISO2409 Pass100/100, passes 0 levels
Cupdrawing:Erichsen, ISO1520 Erichsen, ISO1520 Pass 3-7 millimeters
Pencil hardness GB/T6739-86, Mitsubishi Pass H-2H

Salt spray test GB/T1771-91,500 hours The cross section of corrosion less than 2MM
resistance test
GB/T17740-79(89),1000 hours Without air bubbles, loses the light slightly
Acid resistance
10% CH3COOH, 240 hours Without air bubbles, the surface without damage
Alkali resistance
10% NaOH, 240 hours Without air bubbles, the surface without damage
Heat resistance
200degree,1 hour The color change is lower than E=1.5
Solvent resistance
MEK24 hours soaked in solvent-free Without air bubbles, the surface without damage
QUV-313,500 hours Gloss higher than 80% lower than the
Munsell color change level
Water tolerance 2 hours No bubble, not falling, losing light