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Epoxy/ polyester Ral9al9005 Matt Texture Powder Coating Powder

This series of products are mainly made of epoxy resin and polyester resin.
Product Description

This series of products are mainly made of epoxy resin and polyester resin.

For they have the double advantage of epoxy and polyester , it has the good levelling property, ornamental, mechanical property and superior corrosion resistance, and be widely used in many fields


  • Good bond ability and mechanical performance

  • Smooth and glossy

  • Certified chemical resistance

  • Better heat resistance and light resistance than pure epoxy powder

  • Can not use on outdoor

Field of application:

For metal (steel or aluminum) items of interior use, such as auto parts and underbody, electrical appliances, metal furniture, computers, refrigerators, etc.

Product availability:



Gloss Range

2-95% (smooth surface at 60°)


Smooth and special finish (texture, wrinkle,hammer etc) for all kinds of gloss


1.4-1.8 g/cm3

Curing guide

180°C/20min,190°C/15min or 200°C/10min

Application Methods:

Corona electrostatic spraying ,Electrostatic-fluidized bed, Fluidized beds,Tribo charging guns

Film thickness

40u~150um,suggest 40um~80um

Average coverage

10~12 square meter/KG,with 60um (100% use rate)


Double PP bags, N.W 20kg/carton or 25kg/carton

Shelf life

12 month within 30℃,avoid direct sunlight.

Health and Safety

Refer to the MSDS.

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1-Question: Are you Trade Company?

A:NO , We have our own factory . Brand “ Feihong”

2-Question:Is Powder Coating safe for consumers such as children?

A:Yes. Powder coating is used on children's toys and furniture sold every day. It has the distinction of being one of the most environmentally and consumer friendly products on the market today.

3-Question: What colours are available to me?

A:We usually carry a very large range of colours, including the standard Colorbond range. Has access to over 300 paint colors and textures. Feel free to call us and ask if we stock your required colour.

If you already have a color in mind, bring it in so that we can match it as closely as we can without sacrificing quality.

4-Question:What type of powder coating should I choose?

A:Powder coatings are available in three basic types, each offering different performance attributes. Epoxy for the best corrosion protection. Hybrid(s) typically offer the best chemical and solvent resistance. Polyester for the highest exterior stability and performance.

5-Question: What Can Be Powder Coated?

A: Typically any metal object that can hold the electrostatic charge needed to affix the sprayed powder and can tolerate the high heat levels of the curing process. Mild steel, galvanized and electroplated steel, aluminum, stainless steel and most other steel alloys can be powder coated.

6-Question: Are all the colors the same price?

A:No. Some colors are more expensive due to their availability, ingredients. such as textured powders, sand, metallics, or glow in the dark powders.

7-Question: Where can I find pricing information?

A;Our pricing structure is dependant on volume, technology and color choice . Please contact us for specific product pricing.