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Advantages and disadvantages of powder coating

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Powder coating is a special type of coating. It is different from traditional solvent-based coatings. It is a solid powder coating that does not contain organic solvents and does not contain water. It is sprayed on the object to be coated in powder form, melted and leveled after baking. The coating that cures into a film

The advantages of powder coating:

  • Powder coatings do not contain organic solvents and do not contain water, which can avoid problems such as environmental pollution, fire hazard, human health, and water pollution. (energy saving)

  • The biggest feature of powder coating is recyclable, and the high recovery rate can reach 99%.

  • High efficiency of powder coating, one-time spraying can reach several to tens of thickness of water-based coating.

  • The coating of powder coating is not affected by the temperature and season, and the coating technology is simple and easy to master.

  • The molecular weight of the resin for powder coating is large, and the physical and mechanical properties and chemical resistance of the coating film are better than those of water-based coatings.

Disadvantages of powder coatings:

  • Special equipment is required for powder coating production and coating.

  • Changing the color and variety of paints during powder coating production and coating is more troublesome than water-based paints.

  • Powder coating is not suitable for thin coating, only for thick coating.

  • The high baking temperature of powder coating has requirements on the material of the workpiece, which needs to be sprayed on the metal parts